Calm the mind

Practice with an emphasis on setting intentions each day to use mindful breathing to stay present and to be thankful for each moment. I'm a Yoga Alliance certified 200RYT from Yoga Garden SF, here to help inspire your practice. Grounded in 17 years of yoga practice, my style teaches integration of meditation, breath and movement to encourage union with the divine, selfless service, and harmony.



My creative force desires to foster nature's energy and spread knowledge about caring for oneself and the environment. Born on Independence Day, ignited with fireworks everyday, I invite you to open your heart to live a full, radiant life!



Zen meditation, Iyengar alignment, Dharma Mittra self realization, Yogananda kriya, and Yogi Bhajan’s kundalini awareness have enabled profound transformations on my life. Yoga has taught me to love more -- first myself by honoring my mind and body, and also allowing more open-hearted space for others.


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